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St. Mary's Landing
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Home of the Original Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham
A Family Tradition

Our Stuffed Ham was featured in the April 2003 Issue of Gourmet Magazine in an article by Jane and Michael Stern. They wrote that "the only place we know to get St. Mary's County stuffed ham year-round in St. Mary's Landing." "We have never seen stuffed ham anyplace other than southernmost Maryland between the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers. It feels proper that this ancient, faraway part of the state serves a dish not found elsewhere, St. Mary's county is another world." "To St. Mary's County residents, stuffed ham is at the core of their cultural ideninty. It is mainstay at church suppers and fireman's balls from Thanksgiving into spring, and most restuarants serve it cool during the cooler months."

Featured in Gourmet Magazine April 2003

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